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Production Facility Clothing Grader

Warehouse - Recycling

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Location: Hyattsville, MD, United States
Job ID: 2019-14785

 Clothing Grader Job Description

Reports to: Production Manager or CPC Grading Manager

The purpose of this position is to efficiently assign an accurate grading value to men’s, women’s and/or kid’s clothing including seasonal backstock. *This position actively engages customers using the Five Elements of the Customer Experience.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

% of Time

Building a Culture of Customer Service*: Provides customers with Friendly, Helpful and Efficient service in every interaction. Friendly: Smile, Make Eye Contact and Greet when Customer comes close. Helpful: Obtain assistance if a Customer indicates the need. Efficient: Keep shopper conversation short in order to return to tasks.



Assessing Quality & Condition/Sizing: Uses the garment inspection process to determine if the garment is sellable, then decides on condition and quality. Assesses garment using quality indicators such as fabric type construction, embellishments and lastly brand. Also considers style and local demand. Reads tags for fabric content and size or uses a measuring tape to determine size. Reroutes merchandise and/or processes rerouted merchandise to standard as applicable. Processes merchandise into or out of backstock to standard as




Determining Value/Creating Price Tickets: Use the principles of grading to assign a grade based on condition and on quality indicators such as fabric type, construction, embellishments and lastly brand. After determining grade, select category, grade and size on the ticketing machine or via voice control headset.



Tagging/Racking*: Uses swiftacher to affix price tags as per the merchandising guidelines. If applicable, removes priced merchandise off the speed rails and places it onto the rolling racks by order of category and size according to the salesfloor layout.



Rolling Racks/Moving Clothing: Stores: Pulls/pushes racks or carts of newly priced merchandise onto the sales floor and places items in the correct category, and size; when necessary, shifts groups of items within a department for the best utilization of space on the sales floor. CPC: May include utilization of conveyors or other machinery for the effective and efficient movement of clothing.



Merchandising*: Maintains assigned department, which includes straightening and returning items to their appropriate places. Keeps the department clean, organized, easily shoppable, and properly merchandised according to the merchandising guidelines.



Recycling - Stores Only: Brings items from the sales floor to the production room to be recycled or discarded when the items have gone through the designated color tag cycle or as directed. Reviews any items to be discarded with manager. Shares findings with manager to evaluate trends in recycled items (e.g., what is and is not selling). Stores & CPC: Identifies recyclable items, whether unsold from or not deemed sellable at stores, and appropriately recycles them in accordance with Company standards.



Workstation: Maintains cleanliness and organization of the workstation for safety and the most efficient production possible. Follows guidelines for cleaning & common spaces throughout shift and at end of shift.


Meeting Targets: Regularly meets processing targets as assigned by supervisor/manager. Meets with supervisor/manager to review results and discuss opportunities in the department, and makes changes as directed to improve sales.



Loss Prevention: Follows loss prevention procedures, including but not limited to reporting internal or external theft to a management Team Member.


Safety: Follows standards in place to protect Team Members, shoppers, and donors to provide a safe environment to work and shop in. This includes but is not limited to, picking up loose items on the floor, cleaning up breakages or spills, cleaning and disinfecting to required standards, and following product safety guidelines.

Takes responsibility for reporting any hazard or injury to a management Team Member. Wears personal protective equipment when applicable.




Other: Other tasks as assigned by a manager or supervisor. This can include assisting another Team Member in a different area of the store/CPC, or specific tasks such as general recovery, customer service, cleaning (including cleaning washrooms and breakrooms), etc.


As assigned

The percentages expressed above are approximate and meant as a general guideline for how time and effort is distributed in execution of this role in either the store or CPC. These will vary up or down depending on assigned tasks. A team member may be asked to exclusively perform only one job function or be assigned combinations of multiple tasks.

* Not applicable at CPC.


Management Responsibilities: None


Mandatory Traits and Requirements:


1.       Ability to read and write.

2.       Customer service skills requiring courtesy and good communication skills.

3.       Ability to concentrate and pay close attention to detail.

4.       Ability to speak clearly (voice-control).

5.       Eye-hand coordination to sort, grasp, and swiftach.

6.       Ability to distinguish clothing sizes and categories.

7.       Basic computer skills to enter data in a tablet/ticketing machine.

8.       The Clothing Grader position must be 18 years or older (CPC and US stores only).


Educational Skills: Ability to perform basic math calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, averages and measurements) at the level normally required in high school.


Physical Skills Required:


      Lifting and carrying 25 lbs.

      Reaching overhead up to 30% of time

      Pushing and pulling up to 30% of time

      Standing 100% of time

      Bending and crouching 20% (or more in CPC) of time

      Repetitive use of hands 80% of time

      Grasping items with hands 100% of time


Working Conditions:


1.       Continuous exposure to dust.

2.       Exposure to temperature fluctuations periodically.

3.       Flexible with scheduling changes due to store/CPC needs and sales events.

4.       May require overtime from time to time due to store/CPC needs.

5.       Always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

6.       Wearing voice control headset, if applicable.

7.       Working near conveyors *CPC only.

8.       Exposure to noise from machinery *CPC only.


This Job Description is not to be construed as a complete statement of duties, responsibilities, or requirements. The percentages are approximate and can be different in each store.



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